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Security Policy The security policy commences with an analysis of the current threat to all qualifying assets. Access Control Systems can have a major impact on the security and daily functioning of an organization. CCTV Nearly every CCTV requirement needs a unique solution in one way or another. Integrated Systems can have a major impact on the daily functioning of an organisation.
Expert Witness Expert witnesses are playing an increasingly important role in security related litigation. Control Rooms Command control and communication is the essential factor in bringing together order out of chaos. Sweeps A company or organisation can lose valuable information in a number of different ways. Maintenance Before signing the new or next maintenance contract, get the experts in.

Process plant - external temperatures of +50 to -40 deg C.Tank farm in tropics

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For help with access control / CCTV / Security Management System? - Look no further!  We won't supply your equipment, just the advice and expertise to ensure good, operationally sound, professionally installed systems and equipment - at the right price.

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Don't let suppliers' equipment dictate how you run your security!
Security management systems (access control, CCTV, intrusion detection...building services) need to be designed to meet each user's unique requirements if they are to provide comprehensive accountability. We as security consultants are here to help organisations, their security managers, facility managers and engineers achieve that accountability; to ensure installations are to the right standards, to suit the valid mobility of staff, contractors and visitors, to provide appropriate asset protection and to advise on appropriate responses.

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