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Independent consultancy to organisations that take security seriously

Not happy about your security system maintenance and service costs?

Do you feel they are excessive and do you want to make some savings?

Are your maintenance costs ecxessive?

Before signing the new or next maintenance contract, get the experts in with experience on both sides of the fence.

There are lots of examples of the major players in the security industry quoting annual maintenance and service charges at many times what they need to be.

Give us a call or email

If we feel the charges proposed are excessive, we will be happy to negotiate or seek on your behalf fair and reasonable rates.

And there are alternatives. Sometimes a small retainer with agreed call-out charges is more appropriate than a full blown all-inclusive service agreement.

We will consider both physical and electronic security contracts including vaults, access control, closed circuit television (CCTV), integrated systems, security management systems, networked systems, intrusion systems, perimeter systems, fire detection, door control and communication systems.

If your maintenance contract is over 5,000 ($6,000 USD), check us out.

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